Hebert Huskies Sale Contract and Guarantee This sale of the male Siberian Husky

named whelped Sire _

CKC# Dam-----------

CKC# Is made upon the following terms and conditions as agreed to by

Theresa Hebert, hereafter referred as seller, and

_______________________________ ~,Hereafter

referred to as buyer, this the _ day of________________________r The above named dog is a pure

bred Siberian Husky.

Registration: The breeder certifies that the dog is eligible for registration under the

Regulations of the Continental Kennel Club as a purebred Siberian Husky and will provide the

proper forms for such a registration.

In consideration of a purchase price of of which three hundred dollars is a non refundable

deposit, the breeder transfers in fee simple all rights, privileges and responsibilities

associated with the ownership of a (male /female) dog of the ("Siberian Husky") breed to

Purchaser as of the date and time specified below. This represents the entire agreement

between Breeder and Purchaser in an Outright sale. The price of $ is to be paid

immediately upon the purchase of the above named Siberian Husky, hereafter referred to as

dog. Should payments be made the agreement shall be written as addendum A to this contract

and initialed by buyer and seller. If the dog is to be shipped to the buyer all arrangements will

be made by the seller, and shipping charges will be in addition to the sales price as outlined in

addendum B and initialed by both buyer and seller. 2. Buyer agrees to have dog cleared by their

own licensed veterinarian at buyer's cost within 3 working days from the time the buyer takes

dog into their custody to ensure that dog is normal and healthy. Sellers' responsibility for

communicable disease is void if not reported within 10 days of purchase. Upon oral

conformation of any genetic problem from examining vet, dog may be returned to

breeder/seller within 5 working days of notification, for dog of equal value or full refund of

purchase price. Replacement/refund is contingent on dog being returned to seller in the same

condition that it left seller's property, and with a written explanation by the buyer's licensed

Veterinarian of choice. Expense of returning dog to breeder/seller is the sole responsibility of

the buyer. Seller is not responsible for any veterinary costs incurred by buyer. 3. Buyer agrees

to provide routine care of dog, which must include a licensed Veterinarian recommended

immunization and health care program, with Preventative heart worm medication included.

Dog should be kept parasite free as possible. Buyer must, also, provide a proper environment

that is: food of sufficient quality and quantity to keep dog in optimum condition, clean water,

adequate shade and shelter to protect from elements, with a fenced in yard and adequate

exercise. Under NO circumstances may dog be allowed to run unsupervised in a non-fenced

area. 4. If the original buyer cannot keep dog, for any reason, buyer must notify Seller in

writing, via U.S. Postal Service, certified mail, of their intentions. Breeder/seller will choose to

either house the dog, until a home is found, or assist buyer in interviewing/screening new

owners for dog. Under NO circumstances shall dog be surrendered to an Animal Shelter, sold/

given to a pet store, or pet dealer for re -sale, or sold to any animal testing/research facility. 5.

Buyer and seller have read, and fully understand, and are in agreement with all the terms and

conditions of this contract. Any other agreements or Amendments to this contract will be

written and initialed by both parties. Failure to comply with any of these clauses entitles seller

to repossession of the dog with its CKC Registration Certificates, signed by buyer, and further,

punitive damages for up to $2500.00 and all legal fees incurred. Court proceedings shall take

place in the county of the seller, and possession of dog must be returned to the seller until

dispute is settled. This is solely for the protection of the dog, and shall be enforced, particularly

in the case of abuse or neglect of the dog. Signature of

Seller Phone : _

Address _

Signature of Buyer(s) Phone: ________________________



Hebert Husky Contract

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